[Csnd] Csound on Web

Hi all,
apologies for trivial questions.
Starting from ground with csound web and need to understand something.

In examples directory from csound-web distribution i see sometime use of csound.js and other CsoundObj.js.
Why? What are the differences?

About new @csound/browser i think there is need for some examples too, or better, i need. Because i have not idea how to start some simple project.
My experiments are failing (my fault for sure).

As a side: in @csound/browser the link to homepage give me a 404 error.

Thanks for any hint,

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Regarding “CsoundObj.js”,…. my guess, and it’s just a guess that,
“Obj” stands for “Object(s)”. And these days, “object oriented” or
“sound object audio (SOA)” is the latest thing in some digital audio corners.