[Csnd] Csound is searching wrong directory for plugins?

I’m running csound 6.17 on Ubuntu 20.04, from /usr/local/bin/csound.

/usr/local/lib/csound/plugins64-7.0/ was created by the installation, is still there.
Csound starts up with:
WARNING: could not open library ‘/usr/local/lib/csound/plugins64-6.0/libpy.so’ (/usr/local/lib/csound/plugins64-6.0/libpy.so: undefined symbol: PyFile_AsFile)

My csd shows:

sr = 48000
kr = 4800
ksmps = 64
nchnls = 2

and the output reads:
UDP server started on port 4567
graphics suppressed, ascii substituted
sr = 44100.0, kr = 4410.000, ksmps = 10
0dBFS level = 32768.0, A4 tuning = 440.0

Do I need to re-install csound?

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So maybe plugins64-6.0 is the right directory; I must have added the wrong one [It[s been awhile!]

and the anomaly would be the python plugin (which I don’t use) there?

Would that derail csound reading the rest of the csd?