[Csnd] create-csound-project

Hi All,

I've published a proof-of-concept for a csound project generator based
on NPM. It is based on the create-vite project. The code is
available at:

To use it, you can use either of these commands:

npx create-csound-project

yarn create csound-project

Right now there is just a single template base on the POC
csound-npm-example project. I will be updating the template and adding
new templates (i.e., orc/sco, MIDI project, webaudio csound project,
etc.). The plan is that templates should work out of the box and make
bootstrapping new csound projects fun. Please feel free to submit PRs
and issues to the github project page and appreciate any feedback.

Thanks and all the best!

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Sounds great Steven! Thanks for sharing.