[Csnd] Beta release of Csound opcodes binaries for hosting VST3 plugins

In my https://github.com/gogins/csound-vst3-opcodes repository, I have implemented GitHub actions for automatically building the vst3-plugins opcodes for hosting VST3 plugins on Linux, Windows, and the Mac OS. (These do not work with VST2 plugins, which are now deprecated by Steinberg.)

Downloads are available here: https://github.com/gogins/csound-vst3-opcodes/releases. They are named “Linux Development Release,” “Windows Development Release,” and “Mac OS Development Release.” These releases will always reflect the latest code.

I can only test these opcodes on Linux, so I would appreciate feedback from people trying to use the opcodes on Windows and the Mac OS. The https://www.kvraudio.com Web site hosts a number of free or open source VST3 synthesizers and effects that could be used with these opcodes. On Linux, I have tested with the Odin2 synthesizer and a few others.


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