[Csnd] Bandcamp Friday tomorrow

Hello everybody.

Tomorrow, Friday, April 2, 2021, is another Bandcamp Friday, one of those special days when Bandcamp waives their usual fees, and artists get all the sales revenue.

This time I would like to offer you a couple of discount codes that apply to my new release Involution. Involution is starting to attract some attention: both Steve Smith and George Grella have mentioned it in their recent weekly listening lists, and it’s been positively reviewed on Vital Weekly and Avant Music News. Hopefully here will be more reviews to come.

I should also note that Involution is very much a Csound album: the title piece uses Csound as an integral part of a larger system that also included modular synth, and the piece on the other disc (Hexany Permutations) is pure Csound. For all the geeky details, see http://mysterybear.net/releases/involution

For 25% off the Involution CD, use the code inv_apr2_cd

For 25% off the Involution download, use the code inv_apr2_dl

Both of these discount codes will expire on April 2 at 11:59pm UTC.

Here’s the link: https://mysterybear.bandcamp.com/album/involution

Thanks and enjoy! It’s ok if you want to tell your friends – the more the merrier.

  • Dave

Correction: the discount codes will expire on 4/3, not 4/2.