[Csnd] Announcing a New Composition/Instrument

IT’S ABOUT TIME (2022) for realtime Csound (PC and Android)
Versions for PC Csound (requires MIDI controller with 9-16 knobs/sliders) and Android (requiring either the Csound for Android app or any of the alternative Android Csound apps available on this site)
Duration: indeterminate

As always, description, complete materials (12 .csd’s), and (2) demo performances are found at the top of my composition list at http://arthunkins.com .

FWIW, there are 6 versions for PC’s (all platforms), 6 for Android. Three in each category are mono, 3 with stereo “enhancement.” Each group of three consists of a 3, 4, and 5-voice variant, requiring different numbers of knobs/sliders.

Observations:1) This piece incubated in a dream.
2) In my life I’ve never spent so much time and energy for such a small result.
3) Would (will) I do it again? Probably.
4) In any case, many thanks to metro, schedkwhen, and especially wgpluck.

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