[Csnd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Embedded C++ JIT Compiler for Csound

I have developed two new plugin opcodes for Csound. They embed the Clang/LLVM just-in-time C++ compiler into Csound, and allow Csound to compile C++ code in the Csound orchestra at run time, and to call code thus compiled, for example as opcodes.

These new opcodes, naturally, require both Csound and the full monty of Clang/LLVM, version 13, to be installed.

Currently there is a binary build of the opcodes only for Linux. However, there is only one source code file, and adapting the build script for other operating systems should be straightforward.

The opcodes are available at https://github.com/gogins/clang-opcodes. For more information, see the README.md there.

I will demonstrate and discuss these opcodes in the upcoming International Csound Users Group virtual meeting on Zoom this coming Wednesday:

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Sounds terrific! Congratulations, Mike.