[Csnd] announce: Scheme for Max & Pd, tools for interacting with csound~

Hello Csounders, I hope this isn’t too off-topic, but I am enjoying using these with Csound through the csound~ objects and figured others might too.

I have created Scheme for Max, and Scheme for Pure Data (just released), externals for embedding an s7 scheme interpreter to allow scripting and live-coding in Scheme Lisp. They are ideal for programmatically sending Csound control and score messages to the csound~ object, as they are excellent for manipulating lists of symbols and both allow native interaction with the host scheduler for accurate scheduling. s7 is also the same scheme used in Common Music, meaning significant amounts of the Common Music code base can be run in the host. Features include:

  • run code from files or messages
  • load files using the host search path
  • output numbers, symbols, lists
  • array i/o (Pd)
  • table, buffer, dict i/o (Max)
  • send messages to named receivers/ scripting name objects
  • schedule functions with delay
  • global transport interaction (Max)

s4m is available as a binary, and s4pd is available for now as source, binary coming soon.

Project pages are here, with links to documentation, tutorial videos, and an ebook for learning s7.



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Presumably you’ll announce this also on the cm list; anyway it seems likely to make a lot of the musical things I was hoping to do easier & more likely to be doable at all!

Oh thanks for the reminder! haha. sometimes I forget all the places to announce…

I look forward to hearing how you make out with it! I’m loving the combination of Pd/Max with csound and Scheme. It has rekindled my interest in Csound because sending list messages is so natural in that context. :slight_smile:


I plan on making some videos of using the combination of scheme, max/pd and csound too, and (my current favourite): max/pd, scheme, csound, and the modular synthesizer over audio CV control. Making hybrids with csound is a hoot!