[Csnd] A New Hope - Csound 6.16 - The Csoundalorian

Tarmo, Victor, John, Michael, Steven, Rory, Eduardo, Hloover, Dave, Joachim, Menno, Iain, docB, Oeyvind, tgrey1, Stefano

Before moving on to Cs7 (which will be awesome), Is there any chance there will be a new release of Csound - v6.16 - users are calling it ‘The Csoundalorian’ and looking forward to falling in love with cute little ‘baby YopCodes’

  • and maybe a new CsoundQt? (with Csound 6.16 support), and a new CsoundBela 6.16, and all the great improvements to the Csound Manual too )

  • hope so.

PS: Possibly worth noting that on my personal M1 MacBook running Big Sur
some paths are changed and thus there are some issues with finding things

But, I am happy to report that:

  • Csound 6.15 is running on it. (in the terminal)
  • CsoundQt 9.8.1 is running on it.
  • but given the ‘path’ issues the ‘run from terminal’ button does not launch the terminal.

In Catalina (on my Berklee teaching MacBook)
brew install --HEAD csound

  • followed by…
    brew reinstall csound

does build and run the latest developer version - from today


it’s pretty great because when you ‘run from term’ in CsoundQt,
it launces the terminal and runs the latest developer version from January 7 - I just built it moments ago.

whereas, when you hit the ‘run csound’ button, it runs the installed version - from August 10.

Happy to assist in testing Csound, CsoundQt, Brew Csound on Catalina and M1 Mac.


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