[Csnd] A few questions about the VST3 opcodes


I am starting to play with the VST3 opcodes. My goal is to route part of my audio signals to spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope plugins.

I am able to load synth plugins, send MIDI notes and get audio back, but I encounter a few issues:

  • First, there is no GUI. Is this the expected behavior? I can hear sound and there is no error in the Csound performance. However, Csound segfaults just before closing (not sure if this is related to the missing GUI):

libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type std::__1::system_error: mutex lock failed: Invalid argument
csound command: Abort trap
csound command: Segmentation fault

  • Are FX plugins supported? I tried a few, and all failed with something like this on the vst3init call:

vst3_host_t::load_module: loading: /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3/MeldaProduction/Tools/MMultiAnalyzer.vst3
vst3_host_t::load_module: found module classinfo: 1
module classinfo id: 4D656C646170726F4D4D416E4D4D416E
cardinality: 2147483647
category: Audio Module Class
name: MMultiAnalyzer
vendor: MeldaProduction
version: 15.01
sdkVersion: VST 3.6.5
subCategoriesString: Fx|Tools
classFlags: 0
csound command: Segmentation fault

I installed the VST3 opcodes via Risset on the latest Monterey version (Intel). I also built the opcodes directly from Mike’s repo, with the same results. Csound itself is the latest stable version, compiled from the master branch.



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There is no graphical user interface, that is correct.

I will enter an issue on GitHub about the effects processing, that is probably a bug.

Thanks for the information,

Since I want to visually inspect the signal with VST plugins, I will not be able to use these opcodes.
I will look at Jack instead.